Service reset Rolls Royce Silver Seraph & Bentley Arnage

• 1. Ensure the gear selector is in park position (P).
• 2. Switch on the ignition, do not start the engine.
• 3. Immediately press and hold the trip and cancel switch until the dot matrix display goes blank (approximately 7 seconds).
• 4. Release the trip and cancel switch momentarily.
• 5. Press and hold the trip and cancel buttons again (approximately 7 seconds).
• 6. The dot matrix display will show the ‘serial number’ , the actual serial number will be shown in the odometer section of the LCD.
• 7. The dot matrix display will then show the software version.
• 8. The dot matrix will then show options in the odometer section and the option selected will be in the dot matrix area.It is now in DIP set-up / Option select mode.
• 9. Scroll through options using trip button until ‘service warning’ appears in dot matrix area.
• 10. To change the status of the option, press and hold the cancel button for approximately 10 seconds until the DIP emits an audible beep. Press of cancel button will change the colour from Green (on) to Red (off).

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